TAKING urgent AND AGGRESSIVE action. We’ve got RUNG THE ALARM BELL LOUD AND CLEAR. AS I said ON MONDAY, watching at the number OF instances AND THE quantity OF international locations AFFECTED, IT DOES not inform the whole STORY. THERE ARE 118 cases reported GLOBALLY IN 114 nations AND greater than 90% OF instances ARE IN just 4 countries AND TWO OF those ARE CHINA AND THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA, AND they have significantly DECLINED. 81 countries HAVE not mentioned AND fifty-seven nations HAVE reported 10 cases OR less. WE are not able to SAY THIS LOUDLY sufficient OR clearly ample OR more often than not sufficient. ALL international locations CAN still alternate THE path OF THIS PANDEMIC. IF countries detect, ACT, treat, ISOLATE, trace AND MOBILIZE humans of their RESPONSE, those WITH A HANDFUL OF instances CAN restrict THEM FROM becoming CLUSTERS IN these CLUSTERS FROM fitting neighborhood TRANSMISSION. EVEN, these countries WITH community TRANSMISSION OR bigger CLUSTERS CAN flip THE TIDE ON THIS VIRUS. A number of countries HAVE confirmed THAT THIS VIRUS can be controlled. THE assignment for a lot of nations WHO are actually dealing with enormous CLUSTERS OR neighborhood TRANSMISSION IS THAT they may be able to DO THE equal.

it is whether or not they’re going to DO THE same durations countries wrestle WITH an absence OF ability IN SOME countries battle WITH an absence OF assets and a few countries ARE being affected by an absence to unravel. We’re GRATEFUL FOR THE MEASURES BEING TAKEN IN IRAN AND THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA TO slow THE VIRUS AND manipulate THE EPIDEMIC. We all know THAT THESE MEASURES ARE TAKING A HEAVY TOLL ON SOCIETIES AND ECONOMIES, just AS THEY DID IN CHINA. ALL nations have to STRIKE An excellent balance to protecting health AND MINIMIZING financial AND SOCIAL DISRUPTION AND RESPECTING HUMAN RIGHTS. W.H.O.’S MANDATE IS PUBLIC well being, however we are WORKING throughout ALL ACTORS TO MITIGATE THE SOCIAL AND economic consequences OF THIS PANDEMIC.

this isn’t just a PUBLIC health quandary. It can be A obstacle as a way to contact every SECTOR. Every SECTOR and each man or woman ought to BE concerned within the combat. I’VE said FROM THE opening THAT international locations need to TAKE ALL of government AND TAKE THE entire SOCIETY method built round A complete method to avoid wasting LIVES AND reduce affect. LET ME SUMMARIZE IN 4 KEY AREAS. FIRST, TO BE equipped. 2d, become aware of, look after AND deal with.

third, lower TRANSMISSION AND FORTH, INNOVATE AND gain knowledge of. ALL international locations ARE REMINDED THAT WE call ON YOU TO spark off AND SCALE UP YOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE. Keep in touch along with your men and women concerning the risk and how they are able to defend THEMSELVES. That is each person’S business. In finding, experiment AND treat every CASE AND trace each CONTACT. YOUR well being employees ARE TO BE trained AND LET’S ALL seem OUT FOR each and every other in view that we’d like every other. There has been a lot concentration ON ONE word. You already know THAT. LET ME provide you with any other words THAT topic much more and that’s rather more gold standard. THESE ARE, PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS, PUBLIC wellness, POLITICAL leadership AND MOST OF ALL, people. We are in this together, TO DO THE correct matters WITH CALM. We’re in this collectively TO DO THE proper matters TO preserve THE residents OF the arena. I thanks. >> thanks VERY much, DIRECTOR common. We now have JOURNALISTS becoming a member of US by using DIALING IN. FOR those gazing US RESUME, those joining US, click on ON THE RAISED fingers and I’ve requested JOURNALISTS to simply ASK ONE question for you to GET AS MANY AS viable.

we will start right here within the ROOM. COME DOWN AND USE THE MICROPHONE, PLEASE. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] >> THE query IS, AT THIS STAGE OF THE EPIDEMIC, what is YOUR suggestion relating to CLOSING institutions corresponding to schools AND WHAT ABOUT CLOSING THE BORDERS AND AIRPORTS in the circumstances IN IRAN? >> WITH LOCKDOWNS OR SHUTDOWNS IN elements OF THE country, it’s entirely founded ON THE country’S possess chance ASSESSMENTS AND it can be a mix of MEASURES. FOR instance, IN SOME instances, schools were CLOSED, LIKE IN CHINA. IN BRITAIN, faculties WEREN’T CLOSED. GOVERNMENTS MAKE selections ON risk AND THE probably affect OF THE MEASURE AND THE ACCEPTABILITY OF THE MEASURE AND THE length OF TIME it is IN location.

certainly, decreasing OR growing SOCIAL DISTANCE CAN without doubt slow DOWN THE spread OF disorder nevertheless it’S A terrible alternative IN countries to shrink NUMBERS OF instances WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING now not HAVING THE identical OR instant influence AS CONTACT TRACING, ISOLATION AND QUARANTINE OF CONTACTS. That means you might be CHASING THE VIRUS. WHEN folks move towards A large- based SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURE, IT with no trouble ACCEPTS THAT it is not seen AND WHAT you need TO DO IS SEPARATE every person considering that you do not know who is contaminated. It can be a way more fee-amazing MEASURE at the commencing TO determine those AFFECTED OR potentially AFFECTED AND ISOLATE THEM FROM THE neighborhood. When you LOSE monitor OF THE OUTBREAK, YOU have got to CREATE SOCIAL DISTANCE BETWEEN everyone seeing that you do not know who’s AFFECTED. It can be A terrible replacement FOR AGGRESSIVE PUBLIC action on the beginning but could also be the only alternative. SO, IT depends on THE STAGE OF THE EPIDEMIC AND is dependent upon SOCIAL ACCEPTABILITY. There isn’t a factor genuinely AND GOVERNMENTS imposing MEASURES which are thoroughly UNACCEPTABLE within THE regional CONTEXT.

IT CREATES tension AND issues. Once more, without OVERDOING IT, we would no longer present advice TO international locations FOR THE hindrance when we don’t have A certain RULE related to SOCIAL DISTANCING OR institution CLOSURES, etc.. IN IRAN, OUR team IS ON the ground AND now we have BEEN INTRODUCING A workforce ON the bottom WITH IRANIAN AUTHORITIES AND evidently, THE drawback could be very critical WITH A excessive number OF DEATHS AND An excessive quantity OF ailing humans. At the same time THE number OF circumstances AND SURVEILLANCE HAS elevated, WE want to SEE THAT broaden EVEN extra AND WE LIKE to look more aid FOR clinical CARE OF sick people inside IRAN AND certainly before THE aid OF THE worldwide neighborhood. >> WE advised YOU THAT THERE might be extra FROM THE REGIONAL workplace the next day to come AND NOW, we will be able to send important points ON THAT. The subsequent query? >> ONE query. What is the selection-MAKING MECHANISM regarding THE PANDEMIC? ARE THE MEMBER STATES worried within the approach? >> there is no FORMAL method AND PANDEMICS aren’t DECLARED, it can be not LIKE A PUBLIC wellbeing EMERGENCY in which there’s a physique OF worldwide legislation the place W.H.O.

ENGAGES by way of THE COMMITTEE WITH THE FOCAL features IN MAKING THAT determination. It is a CHARACTERIZATION OR DESCRIPTION. It is now not a transformation IN WHAT WE DO, no longer A trigger FOR whatever THAN extra AGGRESSIVE motion. THE 2d IS it can be TAKEN VERY seriously. The subsequent consultation WITH REGIONAL directors, AND IT probably WILL benefit TO provoke the arena TO combat but additionally, AS OUTLINED, IF men and women USE IT AS AN EXCUSE OR SEE IT AS something THAT GROWS worry, there may be quite a lot of inside CONSIDERATION AND THE DIRECTOR common HAS LISTENED TO folks FROM across AND during AND DEEP INTO THE organization WITH a corporate choice THAT was MADE via THE SENIORS ON THIS condominium AND IT HAS COME TO A resolution situated ON A broad- established BOARD OF expert advice, AND NO MATHEMATICAL formulation OR ALGORITHM.

it is a CHARACTERIZATION of the current DESCRIPION around the globe. It can be A CON to not stop. >> can I ADD WHAT I consider IS more predominant IS HOW we are WORKING WITH ALL OF OUR MEMBER STATES, WORKING throughout all the international locations, THE AFFECTED countries AND now not ABOUT ASSESSING THE drawback OVER TIME FROM DAY ONE. We have BEEN SITTING right here TELLING YOU there are a lot of characteristics quite major FOR US to higher realize, relating to TRANSMISSION and the way this is CIRCULATING AND THE EXTENT OF illness AND who is MOST AT danger FOR contamination.

in the case of SEVERITY, who’s death FROM THIS disease and the way ARE folks death AND WHAT will we DO TO restrict individuals FROM loss of life? THIRDLY, THE have an impact on. FROM DAY ONE, we’ve got BEEN GATHERING evidence AND learning FROM each other, studying FROM THE experience and the way THEY treated THE trouble AND finding out FROM WHAT KOREA ARE DOING AND JAPAN AND SINGAPORE AND ON AND ON. Daily, now we have THESE ASSESSMENTS AND we are watching on the proof and that is relatively vital. OUR guidance, OUR strategies, EARLY ON, the primary steering was released, I suppose, ON THE TENTH OF JANUARY. WE had been SEEING THE evidence AND WHAT WE anticipated TO occur AND WE had been continually REVISING THAT. IT HASN’T transformed WHAT WE endorsed TO ALL GOVERNMENTS AND each person. >> thanks VERY much AND a further query FROM right here. LET’S begin WITH THIS. >> without a doubt, YOU mentioned you might be GRATEFUL concerning the MEASURES THAT IRAN MADE TO COUNTER THE VIRUS. WOULD YOU informs US more in regards to the staff THAT got here back FROM IRAN and what’s needed within IRAN? We’re hearing THEY need scientific provides AND EQUIPMENTS considering that OF THE SANCTIONS.

THE DG SPOKE TO THIS AND the fact that THERE used to be country-wide leadership AND buy-IN AND COORDINATION BETWEEN THE national management WITH A COHERENT technique AND IT was once LAUNCHED AS A SINGLE PLAN WITH people GATHERING round THAT AS A SINGLE approach. SURVEILLANCE, IN terms OF THE CASE DETECTION, it can be the quantity to trying out AND TO support THAT we are WORKING together with THE Chinese language govt. CHINA introduced IN 20,000 tests AND WE introduced IN a hundred,000 assessments INTO IRAN, practically TWO WEEKS ago. The times mixture INTO ONE one other, AT THIS factor. WE MADE IT CLEAR THAT THE supplies ARE VERY, VERY quick, AND STRUGGLING to find different provides, EXTERNALLY. WE THANK THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES for their FACILITATION AND we’re WORKING WITH international locations, including CHINA, ON RESUPPLYING THE LOGISTICS HUB IN DUBAI.

now we have despatched one more one hundred,000, 40,000 checks INTO IRAN OVER THE final 24 HOURS TO develop THE depth AND we are DRAWING millions of bucks TO proceed TO deliver THAT. Correct NOW, IN IRAN, there’s a shortage OF VENTILATORS, scarcity OF OXYGEN. You might have noticeable THIS IN ITALY AND other countries. WHAT happens AT THIS STAGE, FOR THE generation OF severe cases, AND AS OF THIS MORNING, there were 900 IN INTENSIVE CARE. THAT REQUIRES A massive wellness employee commitment. It may possibly mostly REQUIRES 2-three clinical staff AT ONE TIME.

they’re THERE FOR HOURS AND HOURS AND expend various protecting apparatus and they come to be EXHAUSTED. THE concern FOR OUR COLLEAGUES IN IRAN AND ITALY ARE THE CASELOAD AND THE DEMAND ON THE well being employees AND the risks that include FATIGUE. WE move swiftly. In fact proper NOW, we have now entrance-LINE staff WHO want OUR aid. WITH presents, the training THEY have got to DO A excellent JOB, IN THAT feel, WE focal point ON THE JOB AT HAND AND we are able to WORK IT OUT AFTER the very fact FOR whos AT FAULT OR who is responsible, WE have to focus ON THE cohesion AND GETTING THE JOB completed. WE need to move NOW AND ITALY IS ON THE front LINE, suffering but I assurance YOU different nations might be IN THAT hindrance VERY quickly. WE have got to exhibit team spirit FOR each other. Realistic support FOR IRAN, AND we will be able to proceed TO provide THAT and working WITH worldwide companions. >> TWO traces so as to add. FROM THE reviews WE obtained FROM OUR experts ON the ground, we all know THAT IRAN IS DOING ITS best, ALL it could actually and that is quantity ONE.

2d, THAT THEY need tons OF supplies. AS MIKE stated, we have now TRIED TO aid AS a lot AS we are able to but there is nonetheless scarcity. We’re looking to MOBILIZE extra help FOR IRAN. >> thank you VERY so much. WILL try to TAKE just a few QUESTIONS FROM JOURNALISTS online. I’ll REMIND how one can ASK QUESTIONS. It’s superstars 9 FOR these. It is CLICKING to raise YOUR HAND. HELEN, can you HEAR US? >> thank you FOR TAKING MY query. You’re GETTING extra knowledge FROM CHINA AND IN certain, I am for those who’VE HAD word about the experiences THAT THEY were intended TO BE DOING. I might HAVE concept they’d HAVE HAD information by way of NOW. >> thank you FOR that question. Some of the things we hope FOR within the COMING WEEKS ARE outcome FROM SURVEYS. AS YOU ALL be aware of, THE checks had been DEVELOPED rapidly WITH ASSAYS BEING DEVELOPED speedily AND IN USE IN A number OF international locations. WE comprehend there is SURVEYS which have BEGUN IN a couple of international locations together with JAPAN.

WE do not need THE outcome FROM those but WHAT we are hoping FOR, THE outcome WE expect within the COMING WEEKS, we will must DO WITH a better working out OF THE EXTENT OF contamination in the general populace. Expectantly, through each structure. We’ve seen THE PROTOCOL AND it’s AGE STRATIFIED WITH A general SURVEY. It will make an effort AND WE have to give THEM TIME TO RUN THESE INVESTIGATIONS. We’re PRESSURING THEM AND no longer most effective CHINA, however ALL nations, to carry OUT THESE INVESTIGATIONS AND SHARE outcome if you want to hire taking place. HOW TRANSMISSION IS – it’ll make the effort. >> thanks VERY a lot. LET try ISABEL. >> DO YOU HEAR ME? >> yes. >> we have obtained cases IN SPAIN within the last forty-eight HOURS and that I wish to recognize IF IT needs TO BE extra AGGRESSIVE, AT THIS STAGE, TO contain THE spread OF THE VIRUS? >> I feel ALL countries, NOW, must HAVE an extraordinarily close look on the goals AND RESPONDING TO THE EPIDEMIC in their own country.

ARE THEY ACCEPTING THAT THE sickness CAN NOW spread IN AN UNCONTROLLED fashion TO ALL CORNERS OF THE nation AND they are going to focus ON THE well being approach relocating forward to look to maintain THE wellness process FROM COLLAPSING? That’s often called MITIGATION TO easily help THE health approach TO cut back FATALITY. We now have HAD A number speaking ABOUT CONTAINMENT VERSUS MITIGATION AND THE DIRECTOR basic HAVE SPOKEN considering the fact that THE opening OF THE OUTBREAK some comprehensive method TO THIS EPIDEMIC focus ON CONTAINING the place there’s A possibility to incorporate. CONTAINMENT AND separating. FIRST, CONTAINING THE TRANSMISSION THAT EXISTS AND IS preparing THE health method TO slash THE impact, must THE disease break out manipulate OR get away THAT CONTAINMENT. That’s sometimes called MITIGATION AND it is VERY primary THAT men and women understand THAT it’s no longer A break out CLAUSE TO MITIGATION OR ABOUT pronouncing THAT NOW we have now a description OF PANDEMIC AND all of us transfer TO MITIGATION.

NOTHING could BE additional FROM the truth. It isn’t THE TIME FOR nations to maneuver towards MITIGATION, simplest, until they are not ready TO influence THE course OF THE EPIDEMIC to take a look at TO discontinue THE ARGUING THEM AS HIM. THE quandary is that if you do not attempt to SUPPRESS THIS VIRUS, it’ll have an effect on THE wellness process. THERE must be strong EFFORTS MADE TO SUPPRESS AN illness AND TO PUSH THE illness again. On the VERY LEAST, it will TAKE THE pressure AND allow A FLATTENED CURVE AND enable YOUR well being method to remain IN control. Surely, it is going to HAVE SUCCESS IN lowering CASE FATALITY. FROM THAT viewpoint, it can be VERY foremost THAT WE USE OUR words VERY cautiously FROM here ON IN. In regards TO SPAIN, SPAIN HAS A quantity OF instances, AND IT HAS ACCELERATED VERY, VERY speedily over the last FEW DAYS, AS HAVEN FRANCE AND NORWAY AND DENMARK AND AS HAVING A quantity OF EUROPEAN nations. It can be VERY fundamental THAT international locations within the EUROPEAN UNION AND WESTERN EUROPE look AT WHAT THEIR present CONTROLS ARE FOR THE disease AND TO assess whether THE EFFORTS they are TAKING ARE just right enough, IN terms OF SUPPRESSING TRANSMISSION AND PUSHING back THE VIRUS.

undoubtedly, making ready well being systems to cope WITH THE instances THAT occur. ALL circumstances ought to assessment THEIR methods proper NOW. >> thank you. I would BE joyful so as to add TO THAT. I HAD an excellent dialogue along with his EXCELLENCY, high MINISTER PEDRO SANCHEZ OF SPAIN, TWO DAYS in the past. I was VERY a lot IMPRESSED with the aid of HIS commitment. SPAIN IS utilizing THE entire of presidency AND THE entire OF SOCIETY strategy. WE think THAT POLITICAL leadership ARE fairly KEY AND WE mentioned THE method MOBILIZING THE whole SOCIETY AND MAKING THE RESPONSE everyone’S accountability. WE HOPE to look progress IN SPAIN, TOO. THE prime MINISTER TOOK THE INITIATIVE TO name W.H.O. AND TO consult. That is an extraordinarily principal MEASURE, really. HE advised ME THAT he’s all set TO DO everything TO stop THIS OUTBREAK. ON CONTAINMENT AND MITIGATION, again, WE do not need any individual to screw up. THE situation, NOW, we’re not saying THAT the arena will have to transfer TO CONTAINMENT MITIGATION. We aren’t. WE consider, AS W.H.O., THAT the great OR BLENDED process will have to proceed.

THAT comprehensive AND BLENDED strategy CONTAINMENT IS A predominant PILLAR. AS MIKE said, THEY really speak TO WHY we are announcing THIS. Eighty-one international locations will be DOING everything TO hinder FROM IMPORTING ANY CASE. THEY SHOUL FOR THIS VIRUS TO SET FOOT of their nation. THEN, THERE ARE fifty-seven nations who have mentioned WITH kind of circumstances. They are able to cut IT OFF. It is 138 circumstances. 90% OF THE whole number OF instances we now have, THE instances GLOBALLY, four international locations pronounced ninety% OF IT. Ninety percent OF THE 118,000. SO it’ll BE A MISTAKE TO UNBURDEN THE CONTAINMENT method. THE rest OF THE nations were BETWEEN THE 4 international locations and people who HAVE said 10 instances OR less, WE suppose THAT THE best means forward IS THE BLENDED, complete approach. IT puts CONTAINMENT AS A main PILLAR. WE also have EXAMPLES OF MANY international locations THAT ALREADY HAS proven THAT we’ve cases that still can also be CONTAINED. Nonetheless tremendous THE quantity OF instances. We’re convinced THAT even though this is the primary CORONAVIRUS TO BE LABELED AS PANDEMIC, WITH the primary, it’ll even be capable TO BE CONTAINED OR managed. >>> you could have BEEN listening to the world health group, FORMALLY DECLARING THE CORONAVIRUS an endemic.