This morning coronavirus now classified as a public health emergency prompting drastic new measures beginning at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Sunday February the 2nd the United States government will implement temporary measures to increase our abilities to detect and contain the corona virus among those measures foreign nationals who visited any part of China in the last two weeks will be barred from entering the United States and any US citizen who’s been to the epicenter will face a mandatory 14 day quarantine including the 195 US citizens evacuated from Wuhan now being held in mandatory quarantine at March Air Reserve Base about every 12 hours somebody does a health check on and make sure they’re not having a fever checking what symptoms they have the CDC warning even individuals who’ve been exposed and tested negative could still develop symptoms and become contagious the US State Department issuing a level-4 do not travel advisory for all of China American Airlines United and Delta suspending flights the u.s.

Scrambling to charter emergency flights for nearly a thousand Americans still trapped in Wuhan back home health officials are investigating hundreds of cases in 36 states including a newly confirmed case in Santa Clara California and in Chicago doctors continue to monitor a woman who traveled home from Wuhan and infected her husband the family telling NBC News the man’s one-year-old grandson is now also being tested for the virus after developing a fever was more than 10,000 confirmed infections worldwide and more than 250 dead this morning Americans are waking up to growing concern over a possible pandemic you